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Our Services

Towing services are $65.00 + $3.00/mile for any standard size vehicle.

All other light services including battery boosts, lockouts, tire changes and fuel deliveries are $65.00. Fuel delivery services also include the cost of gas.

Rollback and Wheel Lift Towing

Everyone needs a tow from time to time.  Why take your chances with the phone book?  With Almighty Tow Service, you know you will receive great service from a trained and professional towing specialist.  We do what we say we’ll do, and we do it on time. Several reputable repair shops, body shops and auto dealerships trust Almighty Tow Service to take care of their customers, and we think that you should as well.


If you find yourself stuck in the mud, snow, or a ditch, give us a call.  We have successfully winched out vehicles that were more than 200 feet from the road.  We keep extra cable and chains on hand and have very strong winches, and our drivers are experienced.

Jumpstart Service

When your battery finally gives up and refuses to start your car, call Almighty Tow Service! We can get you moving again, often in as little as 30 minutes!

Unlock Service

Have you locked your keys in your car? Don’t take chances with amateur tools or coat hangers! Almighty Tow Service has the modern tools and know how to get your car opened fast, without damaging your vehicle’s finish. Our response times are second to none.

Tire Change Service

Whether you are at work, in your driveway, or on the side of the interstate, call Almighty Tow Service when you have a flat tire. We’ll come right to your location and change your tire immediately. Don’t take a chance with traffic on the side of the highway, when we are trained and have the right equipment to do the job quickly and safely!

Parking Enforcement

Many property owners and businesses count on Almighty Tow Service to clear their parking areas of unauthorized and abandoned vehicles. This service is paid for by the owner of the vehicle and is completely free to the business! Common reasons to have a car towed include:

  • Blocking a fire lane, dumpster, or loading area
  • Unauthorized parking in reserved areas
  • Vehicles for sale left on your property
  • Abandoned, inoperative, or vandalized vehicles

Remember, this service is free to the property owner, and is available 24/7. We also can provide warning stickers and parking signs for your property.

Commercial Towing Accounts

Do you need a professional partner to tow your customer’s vehicles to your shop? You can count on Almighty Tow Service to treat your customer the way you would want them treated. We also can provide you with special commercial rates to fit your needs.

Machinery Transportation

We can safely transport many pieces of machinery. We have successfully moved large presses, air compressors and portable buildings, as well as wheeled equipment such as forklifts, tractors, and backhoes. Equipment and Machinery are no problem with Almighty Tow Service. We are ready to discuss the specific needs of your move!

Additional Notes:

The above rates (listed above) are reflective of private customer requested services. They do not reflect that of contractual Police Department, Insurance and Commercial rates.

Most vehicles we tow are towable without any additional charges. Some vehicles do require flatbed/rollback trucks which will require additional charges.

Additional labor or truck charges may accrue if any of the following applies to your vehicle:

  • Broken ball joints
  • Vehicles stuck in park
  • Flat tires and or missing wheels
  • Broken axle housings
  • Vehicles in tight parking spots, requiring go jacks or dollies
  • Vehicles in above ground parking garages
  • Vehicles in below ground parking garages
  • 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive or any vehicle that requires dollies
  • Accident cleanup
  • Additional trucks or personnel required

If any of these apply to your vehicle, dispatch will quote you a price on scene for these services depending on the degree of difficulty for the services.

Please call (913) 362-TOWS if you have questions or need additional information.



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Almighty Tow Service

Almighty Tow Service

Almighty Tow Service

Almighty Tow Service

Almighty Tow Service

Almighty Tow Service

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