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Towing is $65.00 plus $3.00/mile. All other light services including battery boosts, lockouts, tire changes and fuel deliveries are $65.00. Fuel delivery services also include the cost of gas.

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Disclaimer (Important Notes on Quotes):

Estimated driving time assumes there are no delays and does not include special services, hook-up or detours/road closures. Also, final billing mileage (based on driver's odometer reading) and fees will be adjusted upon delivery if greater than online quote.

Please use a specific address or intersection and confirm that the locations on Google maps ACCURATELY describe your vehicle pickup/drop-off locations. Any errors that cause mileage to increase will be charged to your account. Almighty Tow Service, will not honor a price quote generated by inaccurate address computation. Almighty Tow Service will not refund excess miles pre-paid due to customer inputting an inaccurate address. Although you can enter an "estimated" or "approximate" location for quote on this form, a detailed location is required before we can send a driver to you (please include any additional information in your comments).

Also, if outside the Greater Kansas City Area, please verify address with us to see if we can provide services for you. We do have some options, but please call us at (913) 362-TOWS first. We will do our best.