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Customer Testimonials

My car broke down yesterday on the way to work (Monday 2/22/10) and when I called AAA they sent Almighty Tow to the rescue! The driver, Daniel Yokum, was great. He really made an unpleasant situation more tolerable with his friendly nature and pleasant demeanor. He got me to a service station and dropped me off at work. In times where unprofessionalism and rude behavior seem to be the norm, I just wanted to recognize Daniel and Almighty Tow for their wonderful service. Thanks!

Sharon Seller

Dear Sir,
We wanted to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for the service you provided for us last Sunday. We were involved in a multiple car accident on I-70 and our vehicle was not driveable. Trey arrived and was very professional and pleasant. He helped ease the tension and frustration we were feeling. Thank you to Trey and your company for a job well done.

Jim & Jolene Jones

I couldn't be happier with the service I got from your driver Rick. He was very professional.

L. Lee | Shawnee, Kansas

After your company towed my vehicle, Glenn took my Sister and I back to our home. That's customer service. Thank You Almighty Tow.

S. Burns | Claycomo, Missouri

Help on hot day warms heart (from the Kansas City Star)

July 9 was a very hot, humid day, especially for an 81-year-old grandmother. My car died at 151st Street and Alden. Within 40 minutes, while I was waiting for a tow truck, five people stopped and offered to help me.

They offered me their cell phones and offered me their cool cars so I could sit in air conditioning while I waited for the tow truck. Bryce even tried to start my stalled car. The women who stopped were equally helpful, and I want to take this opportunity to thank Michelle, Allison, Chris and Angela. Bill from Almighty Tow Service arrived and was equally kind.

When we hear so much bad news, it is always so reassuring and refreshing to experience what could have been a horrible situation and have it turn out to be a pleasant, memorable event on a hot summer afternoon. The compassion and kindness shown me by total strangers on 151st Street proves that there really are caring people out there.

Words cannot express my thanks and sincere appreciation to these six kind souls.

Ginnie Orrick | Leawood, Kansas

Thank You to your driver Brandon for unlocking my vehicle when it was snowing out. He calmed my family down and unlocked the vehicle within 60 seconds. Thanks Again.

L. Carmen | Independence, Missouri

I just wanted to call and compliment the driver Shane that you sent out on Monday. He made me feel better in a bad situation. He was nice and professional. Just wanted to let you know he did a great job.

S. Dyer | Osawatomie, Kansas

I called AAA on 4/25/07 because my car wouldn't run. The driver from Truck A helped me figure out how to reset my security system by reading the manual. This is the second time this has happened and its been costing my money at a local service provider to get my car to run, Your driver should be commended for his honesty and willing to help a AAA customer. I've been telling my family and friends how helpful and efficient AAA service has been! I didn't get the drivers name but he should be rewarded.

A. Shupe

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your service. A couple of weeks ago I was at my day care provider's house picking up my son, when one of the other mother's came in and said she had just locked her 2 year old some in the car with the keys locked inside. She was understandably upset, and said it would have taken her husband and hour to get there with the spare keys. I called AAA (I am a plus member) and the dispatcher sent a truck out before he even took my membership information. The truck was there within 10 minutes and Luke (the driver) had gotten the car unlocked within seconds. I just wanted to compliment Luke who was clam and kind beyond measure. It's nice to know that there are companies that still provide excellent customer service and who still care. Thank you Luke and Almighty Tow.

Carrie Bittner

I just wanted to compliment AAA and your driver who came out to service my vehicle. The driver arrived before the estimated time. He was polite, fast, and knew just what he was doing.

Patricia A. Thomas

I just wanted to extend my gratitude and appreciation for a "job well done"! Paul arrived quickly and was very courteous and professional. Thank you for making a "not-so-good" situation much easier to handle.

Dave Cafferty

I would just like to say that the young man that you have working for you by the name of Luke. He is far and away the best driver that we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He was very professional, well spoken, and knowledgeable. I hope that you keep this young chap as an employee for your company for a long time. I will recommend to all of my friends that they have this fine young gentleman take care of them. Thank you again for the wonderful service.

Tim & Jenny

Thank You Almighty Tow for pulling my daughters Mini Cooper out of the ditch in the High School Parking lot. Only having it for 1 day, we were afraid that it did major damage. Thanks to Bill Holland for pulling it out damage free!!!!!!!!!!!

H. Holmes | Overland Park, Kansas

I wanted to e-mail you to let you know how much i appreciate your service. I ran out of gas when i was leaving Oak Park Mall last Friday. Security called you guys, Shane arrived, put gas in my car and followed us up to the gas station to make sure we got gas. Thank you so very much.

M. Dodson | Paola, Kansas

The Almighty truck they sent out didn't have any problem getting to my vehicle. Cody was professional and efficient. All in all you guys were there for me and didn't let me down.

S. Tarwater

I would like to compliment Rick on assisting to get my vehicle pulled out of the mud. He was very kind and professional.

K. Shanks

I was stranded on the side of the road and called AAA. Mike with Almighty Tow showed up and made sure my daughter and i were safe in the vehicle before he loaded it. Thanks for the excellent service.

J. Brown

I was at a local restaurant when i came out, my car wouldn't start. Brian was there within 15 minutes and jump started my car. Thanks again.

J. Brogan

I would like to compliment the driver from Almighty Tow Service-Brian. He was very professional and did a wonderful job!

A. Casal

I am writing to compliment Brandon. He did a great job and found a creative way to get me going.

G. Lawrence

I want to comment Doug, the young man on how polite and nice he was. I was also very please on how fast he got to my home.

M. Metteson

Shane, the driver that arrived changed my tire in 15 minutes. Thank You.

K. Loeffert

Brandon came out to change my tire and the spare was flat. Much to my surprise, he had an air compressor and aired it up. every time I call AAA goes out of there way to help me.

K. Mullikan


Your service was very prompt, Josh reached my vehicle within 15 minutes of my call. I was very impressed! Thanks again.

K. Mitchell | Topeka, Kansas

I wanted to call and let you know how satisfied I am with the service your company provided. The driver was great and did everything in a timely manner. The vehicle was delivered to the service center and they got started on it the next morning. Thank you.

D. Hiles | Kansas City, Missouri

I rented a car through Enterprise. Had a service problem tonight - my first with a rental car in about 15 years. My first call was at 8:19 PM to a Kansas City, Missouri Tow Company out of the Yellow Pages. The first tow truck to arrive was at 9:30'ish. Said he could not get into the structure - said I had a suspension problem - would not allow me to drive 50 feet (estimate) out of the structure, first floor - I would be responsible or he would be if something happened within that short distance. I think he wanted to go home and didn't want to deal with me so another truck was sent.

I called AAA, and they sent Almighty Tow Service out about 11:15 P.M. He was very helpful (Josh)- and although his truck was larger in height, he allowed me to pull the car out for pick-up and was extremely helpful. He watched and directed me out of the parking garage to ensure there would be no additional damage. Basically he got the job done without a long list of excuses.

I travel all the time as do my associates - our preferred company is Enterprise. I have my own AAA membership and would never expect the kind of "non-service" I received from the first driver. I want you to know this so that you can improve your customer service. Josh was helpful - the first driver irritated my visit to KC.

Thanks to Josh and Almighty Tow Service for a job well done.

Laura Carmean | Overland Park, Kansas

We had a silver 2000 Eclipse towed through AAA earlier this morning. You're tow company helped us get our vehicle to the mechanics shop to be worked on. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your service. It was VERY timely. The guy who towed our car was very helpful and friends (not to mention pretty adorable)! My experience with tow companies in the past has been horrible so it is nice to have a good experience. Please tell the young man that helped us "Thank you." and I just wanted to compliment you all on superior service! Thanks again!


Thank you so much for your quick reply to my stressful situation. I hit a deer on Tues., May 15. It was raining and the morning traffic was heavy. I felt lucky and blessed not to have been injured. You were very professional and quick to get my car up on the bed of your truck, and tow me back to Lawrence. Thank you for your good work.

Elaine Brady

I am writing to express my appreciation for the excellent service I received from three of your employees, Scott, Bobby, and Luke.

On April 23, I inadvertently failed to activate the parking brake when I briefly left my old Honda Prelude in the parking lot of the Whole Foods store at 95th & Metcalf Avenue. The car rolled back on a slight incline, jumped the curb, and accelerated down a short grassy incline and through a chain link fence, ultimately dropping into a deep concrete-lined drainage ditch. Chris, the manager of the Whole Foods store, notified me and was with me when I first saw my small vehicle essentially sitting up-ended in the ditch with its hood and front tires peaking over the edge.

A driver from another tow company unfortunately arrived first, almost immediately shredded his tow cable, and caused additional damage by attempting to drag the car straight up and over the sharp concrete edge and against the wall. I was very lucky when the first Almighty Tow driver, Scott, arrived and surveyed the scene. He was extremely careful and attentive, and ultimately called two other excellent drivers, Luke and Bobby. Working together they devised a very ingenious plan to extricate the car, and ultimately inched it out, with as little damage as possible. A small group of people had gathered to watch, and despite my concerns about my old car, it was almost enjoyable watching them work together.

You no doubt already know that your employees are extremely skillful, but I wanted to let you know how amazingly competent they were in very difficult circumstances.

Constance Traylor

Recently we received a phone call from one of our members, Ms. Abril, expressing his thanks for the extraordinary and courteous service that your driver, Kyle Sheldon, provided when her vehicle required a jump start on Wednesday, 8/15, under Call No. 2511.

It is always a pleasure to receive compliments from our members and to pass them on to those responsible for such fine service. Ms. Abril's phone call assures us that our members traveling in your area can expect to receive the best of services.

I would like to say THANK YOU for giving our members such superb service and wish you continued success in the future.

Rick Kiger | Field Rep. Roadside Assistance Service Dept.
(KC Broadway Office, AAA-Auto Club of MO)

This morning, I called to arrange to have my car towed. The customer service rep was very pleasant with a sense of humor. The tow truck driver, a woman, was very professional, very nice and very accommodating. I just want everyone to know that I was very pleased with these two people's services which in turn makes me happy with AA service's. It would be nice if my thanks could be passed on to the customer service rep and tow truck driver and my praise to their managers. Since I don't know what the company's policies are, I hope this message will be properly handled and the proper people are aware of the good job these two people did this morning.

Ms. Mastl

Earlier today my car wouldn't start at 321 E. Winthrope in Kc. MO. I called AAA and they sent Ashley over to tow it in for repair. In all my years of towing, etc., never before have I run across a person as competent as Ashley. Not only did she not scrape the front or rear, she knew how to drive that big rig into the shop. The people at Major Cadillac were impressed as well. You should be very proud to have her as an employee! The next time I need your services, I will call Ashley!

Terry Hersperger

I had the occasion to need AAA service today to change a flat tire and your employee, Shane was dispatched to help me. I just wanted to drop this note to let you know that he was very prompt and professional in helping me get on the road again. He was a credit to your company.

P. Fine | Kansas City, Kansas

I just wanted to call in to thank Jason Garrison who helped me today. I had a flat tire on the side of I-35 and he was there within 5 minutes which was a relief. He was professional and kind.

M. Drummund | Merriam, Kansas

I wanted to write to say thanks for the quick service. Unloaded my groceries while it was raining, I locked my keys in my car with my toddler strapped in his car seat. As you can imagine, I was frantic. I called you guys, and within 10 minutes Kyle showed up and unlocked my car. Thank you to Kyle and Almighty Tow for saving the day.

P. Conway | Shawnee, Kansas

My car stalled on 95th street in 20 degree weather. When George showed up, he walked up and said please get in my truck. He then proceeded to load our car and take it to the dealer. George also drove us to our residence which was 5 miles out of the way. It's employees like George that should be commended on a high level of service. Thank You.

D. Smitthers | Prairie Village, Kansas

I wanted to let someone now that Brandon did a great job changing my tire. He was very polite and fast, another great experience from AAA. I have been with AAA since 1969 and would not do without it.

O. Lovett

I wanted to compliment the driver that came to assist me today. Even though my vehicle would not jump start and ended up being towed, the driver Jason made a good situation out of a bad one.

G. Edwards

I rarely have the need to use your service but i was at the funeral home and locked my keys in my car. I wanted to express my appreciation for Brandons's professionalism, timeliness, and great attitude throughout the process. Thanks again.

J. Booth

On 05/19/2009, the driver came out fast and did an amazing job. I am a school teacher and my car wouldn't start. This was excellent service as Brian had my car started within minutes.

C. Lorean

Brandon unlocked my car within 60 seconds. I wanted to write to tell him how much i appreciated this service.

M. Platte